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Dec 19 - Maganda of the Week

Create Your Photo On Magazine, visit Visit (RP) Barkada profile: Joanne

Maganda Kids

Merry Christmas to you and your family. God Bless from your bro.
Create Your Photo On Magazine, visit

YA.NET Magazine Cover

Just in time for Christmas or Holiday for some people prefer to call it. YA.NET Magazine Cover releases MERRYCHRISTMAS Magazine and HOLIDAY Magazine covers to bring excitement to your personal photo, family or group photos. Instead of sending a plain photo, you can select any YA.NET Magazine Cover to add fun to your photos.

You don't need to register for an account to create your own Magazine Cover. Simply upload your photo, select a Magazine Cover, then share to your family and friends through a social media links.

To give you some good ideas, here's are the samples from our members and visitors.


Oct 15 - Maganda of the Week (RP) member profile Jem.

Oct 3 - Maganda of the Week (RP) member profile Wheng Velasco.

Sept - 5 Maganda of the Week

Member photo, visit Eleonor profile. More at Filipino Social Network

Aug 22 - Maganda of the Week

Visit (RP) to see Ms. Friday profile.

Aug 19 - Maganda of the Week

Visit (RP) Profile: Natalia.

Aug 14 - Maganda of the Week

Check out (RP) Profile: Linda Basa