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Sept. 20 Maganda of the Week

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Mother's Day Dinner

It's a blessing to spend time with my family on Mother's Day despite hectic work schedule.

It's always better than we deserved. Thank you God.

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Boracay Beach

Boracay The palm-studded island of Boracay - with its white, talcum-fine beach, balmy weather and warm, crystalline waters - is like a hypnotic magnet that lures many to a lotus existence. In this tiny, butterfly-shaped island at the northwestern tip of Panay in Western Visayas, days can be spent by simply lazing on the beach and nights are for indulging in the tropical party lifestyle. Boracay is an anchor tourist destination and one of the 7,000 times more islands that make up the Philippine archipelago.

Barefoot in the Beach

There is an undeniable easy atmosphere in Boracay where walking barefoot than shod is the rule rather than the exception. White Beach is so, soooo fine, it feels like treading on miles of baby powder! No wonder, even swinging discos have the beach for a floor, giving dance a new twist. There are no hang-ups either in this island. At daytime, tourists having a soothing massage under the shade of a coconut tree beside the shoreline is a common sight. And from dusk…

Jan. 2 - Maganda of the Week

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