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Billy Crawford, Maria Gigante to Host Miss World PH 2024 Coronation

 In an exciting revelation that has taken the pageant world by storm, Billy Crawford and Maria Gigante have been announced as the hosts of the much-anticipated Miss World Philippines 2024 Coronation. As the nation prepares to crown its next beauty queen, the inclusion of these dynamic personalities promises to elevate the event to unparalleled heights.

Iconic Hosts for an Iconic Event

The selection of hosts is a crucial aspect of any high-profile event, and the organizers of Miss World Philippines 2024 have seemingly struck gold with Billy Crawford and Maria Gigante.

Why Billy Crawford?

Billy Crawford is no stranger to the limelight. With a career spanning over two decades, he has firmly established himself as a versatile entertainer. Known for his work as a singer, dancer, actor, and TV host, Crawford brings a wealth of experience and charisma to the table.

  • Vast experience in hosting live events
  • Immense popularity and fan base
  • Versatility as a performer

His effortless charm and natural flair for hosting make him the perfect candidate to steer the evening’s events seamlessly.

Maria Gigante’s Journey

Maria Gigante, on the other hand, is a celebrated beauty queen and an accomplished host. Standing tall as a former candidate of Miss World Philippines, she is well-versed in the nuances of pageantry. Her firsthand experience provides a relatable perspective that adds depth to her role as a host.

  • Former Miss World Philippines candidate
  • Elegant and charismatic presence
  • Deep understanding of the beauty pageant landscape

Gigante’s insightful hosting skills combined with her poise will undoubtedly resonate with both participants and audiences alike.

What to Expect at Miss World PH 2024 Coronation

As we edge closer to the highly anticipated coronation night, here’s a sneak peek into what attendees and fans can expect from this grand event:

Stellar Performances

Known for its extravagant production, Miss World Philippines never disappoints when it comes to providing top-tier entertainment. From musical numbers to dance performances, the night will be brimming with artistic brilliance.

  • Breathtaking opening acts
  • Special guest performances
  • Exclusive behind-the-scenes insights

Glamour and Glitz

The pageant is synonymous with glamour, and this year will be no different. Expect stunning gowns, impeccable style, and a showcase of the latest fashion trends.

  • Designer gowns and outfits
  • Luxury brand collaborations
  • Red carpet moments

Touching Humanitarian Stories

Molding a modern beauty queen goes beyond physical appearance and talent. Miss World Philippines places a strong emphasis on advocacy and humanitarian efforts. Expect heartwarming videos and stories that highlight the candidates’ contributions to their communities.

  • Community service projects
  • Advocacy collaborations
  • Personal testimonials

Impact of Miss World Philippines

Miss World Philippines is more than just a pageant—it’s a platform for empowering women and affecting positive change. Winners of this esteemed title go on to represent the Philippines on the global stage, making significant contributions to both national and international causes.

Empowering Women

Through its comprehensive selection process, Miss World Philippines aims to identify women who excel in beauty, intelligence, and character. The event empowers participants by equipping them with the tools and confidence needed to tackle global challenges.

  • Personal development programs
  • Public speaking and leadership training
  • Networking opportunities

Global Representation

Winning the Miss World Philippines title opens doors to scores of opportunities. The chosen queen represents the Philippines at the international Miss World competition, where she has the chance to shine on a global platform.

  • International exposure
  • Ambassadorship roles
  • Participation in global humanitarian initiatives


The pairing of Billy Crawford and Maria Gigante as the hosts for the Miss World Philippines 2024 Coronation is a brilliant stroke by the organizers. Their combined experience, charisma, and understanding of the pageant world will surely make for a night to remember. As fans eagerly await the grand event, one thing is certain: the Miss World PH 2024 Coronation is poised to deliver an evening of elegance, excitement, and inspiration.

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